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Distribution is the way we get the video programs we produce out to our audience.  The earliest form was by word-of-mouth.  Friends, and friends of friends would ask to borrow tapes of produced programs.  This then became our lending library.

Now Tel-A-Village (TAV) is distributing our programs through 3 different methods.


Video Masuk Desa 

After the lending library we started Video Masuk Desa (VMD) (English translation: "Video in a Village" or Tel-A-Village).  Our ultimate goal was to place a "Unit" in a Christian home in every village of Indonesia.  It’s an ambitious goal because there are 68,000 villages covering over 17,000 islands.  It's much to big for any one person to do.  But God’s plan wasn't for just one person to do this.  God has been using this ministry as a body ministry.  We do what we can; you do what you can; I tell my friends and they do what they can; you tell your friends and they help where they can.  It's the whole Body of Christ working together to reach the world.

Over the years, what makes up a unit has changed.  These changes have been based on available resources and technology at the time.  The original "Units" were made up of a TV, a Video Cassette Player\Recorder (VCR), and video cassettes with 4 hours of Christian Programming every week.  In villages that are so remote that they don’t have electricity yet, we provide a car battery and an inverter to supply the power.  Then when the battery needs charging they take it to a nearby village that has a generator or power from the electric company and get it charged.

Then when technology changed and DVDs became more economical to produce than video cassette tape, then we converted the Units to DVD players.  

Over the years we have been wanting to use satellite, but the costs had been to prohibitive; until now.  Now we have a couple of different opportunities to have our programs distributed via satellite.



Life LogoIndovision is a subscription-based direct broadcast satellite or direct-to-home satellite television service in Indonesia.  Rajawali Cilik normally airs Monday - Saturday at 4:30pm WIB on Life - Channel 70.

Anyone with any basic subscription to Indovision should be able to watch Life on Channel 70.

WIB Time Zone (sometimes noted as JKT)            UTC/GMT +7 hours
Current Date and Time:  


Hope Chanel

Hope Chanel (an Indonesianized spelling of Channel) is expected to start satellite broadcasts on Christmas day, December 25, 2013; and Rajawali Cilik will be one of the programs broadcast.  And unlike Indovision which is subscription-based, Hope Chanel is a Free-To-Air (FTA) satellite broadcast.  So anyone with a satellite dish and a FTA receiver who is within range of the Palapa D satellite, can watch Rajawali Cilik.

When we have the broadcast schedule and the tuning parameters we will update this page.

Cahaya TV tuning information:

Satellite: Palapa D at 113.0°E  
Frequency:   3932 V
Transponder (Tp):     6V


The channel is also available for streaming at the Hope Chanel website or our Hope Chanel TV page.


“…but they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.”     
Matthew 9:31