Mission Statement

Motivated by the Love of God for His children, the mission of Tel-A-Village is to bring about spiritual transformation and growth in the lives of people young and old throughout Indonesia.  Striving to promote vibrant and joyous Christians, healthy educated children, quality life-style young people, caring and sharing neighbors, and a concerned loyal citizen of the community.


The Beginning...

“…but they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.”    
Matthew 9:31

The year was 1962. Missionaries Bill and Barbara Myers had been given the opportunity, by their small community church, to fly overseas to an island nation, known as Indonesia, to share the good news of Jesus. After settling in the foreign country, Bill started a printing ministry, producing millions of pamphlets filled with Bible study courses, and distributing it to more than 13,000 islands.



1964 Established Yayasan Djangkar Harapan (English: Anchor of Hope Foundation).
1965 Established Sekolah Alkitab Malam (English: Night Bible School) for 2 years.
1967 Established Djangkar Harapan Printing (English: Anchor of Hope Printing).
1968 Moved to Pejompongan (an area of Jakarta).



1972 Indonesia changes spelling of Dj to J.  Now Yayasan Jangkar Harapan (YJH).
1979 Starts Audio Tape Ministry


Twenty successful years had gone by.  Bill and Barb had ideas of retirement for their family and intended to return to the United States soon.  But God had a very different plan.

But what was that plan?  As the Indonesian people’s hunger for God grew more, God opened the eyes to Bill about the increasing use of media and the affect it has on people.  Introducing audio video into the picture, God motioned Bill to create videos to help reach the unsaved in Indonesia.  Gospel music and Bible reading programs would be placed on tapes and then distributed to villages along with a television unit.  Young and old, and those who were illiterate would be reached with these tapes.

So in 1982 they started the video ministry.


TV 23

TV 23 LogoOne of the early methods attempted for video distribution was the use of low power, local broadcast stations.  These initial transmitters were set to UHF channel 23.  This was the start of TV 23.  And even though this early distribution concept was dropped for other, more economical methods; this first name and logo is still dear to our hearts as part of our growth and history.



1992 Started Video Masuk Desa (VMD) (English: Video Enters the Village or Tel-A-Village)

Changed name from Yayasan Jangkar Harapan to Yayasan Pelita Desa (English: Light of the Village Foundation).



Now, thirty years later, Tel-A-Village is still continuing production.  The non-profit organization has new plans for the future.  Since technology is advancing, Tel-A-Village must adjust to the new changes.  With the help of donations from churches and people like you, Tel-A-Village will hopefully reach all 68,000 villages across Indonesia.  By sponsoring a village and you can reach as many as 5,000 precious souls.  Please help Tel-A-Village help the unsaved in Indonesia, and keep the organization in your prayers.  Pray that God will do even more marvelous things in the years to come!

“…but they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.”     
Matthew 9:31