Fix The BLOB

Are you as scared of our logo as we are?  Can you even see what this brown blob is?

Old BLOB Logo

Calling all artists, graphic designers, and everyone else... We need your help to #FixTheBLOB !!!

If you have any of your own ideas in the form of a graphic or image and you are willing to share them with Tel-A-Village to use as we need without compensation, please send them to any of our social media sites:


Older BLOB Logo The brown BLOB was suppose to be three village houses, but they all combine together into a single brown BLOB.  An earlier logo had similar three village houses, but also had the palm trees closer to the houses and were all one color.

In addition to a primary logo, we also need an avatar or square logo that can be used on our social media websites.  We also need a favicon.ico (16x16 pixel image) that can be used for our website instead of favicon.

If you don't have any ideas you can still help.  Share this page with all those you know and maybe one of them will have an idea that will #FixTheBLOB.

Thanks for the help.


BLOB Animation

“…but they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country.”     
Matthew 9:31